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With the buzzword ‘matcha’ being thrown around in all sorts of health, wellness and fitness scenes today, we decided to look into what the matcha benefits are especially when it comes to its comparison with coffee!

Now the debate isn’t that matcha tastes better than coffee, but rather about the caffeine effects of matcha when compared to caffeine effects that come from drinking coffee. We aren’t saying that people shouldn’t be drinking coffee, but if you’re someone who fits in these categories, opting for a different kind of caffeination might be a good idea!

  1. You get jitters and crashes from coffee
  2. You have adrenal fatigue
  3. You are caffeine sensitive
  4. Coffee gives you too much energy
  5. You’re already a high energy person
  6. You don’t like the taste of coffee but need an energy boost

If you can associate with any of these characteristics, matcha might just be your answer!

matcha latte

Although it doesn’t look like coffee or taste like coffee, the matcha green tea benefits are profound! Not only is it PACKED with antioxidants (you can get 137x more antioxidants in a cup of matcha tea than in a regular cup of brewed dried green tea leaves) but it’s got some special properties that make it an incredible source of energy.

Matcha is one of the very few foods in the world that have the amino acid L-theanine (it can only really be found in wild mushrooms that mostly are inedible) which has been suggested to help to boost alpha brain waves which works to promote a wakeful sense of relaxation. This has also been suggested to combat the jitters and crashes that caffeine usually brings about. Although more research needs to be done, there has been literature to suggest than the interaction of L-theanine and caffeine in matcha results in a healthy energy release that is more sustained and less taxing in the body so that you don’t get the spike in energy and crazy deflation in the afternoon- a great compromise for those going through adrenal fatigue.

Because matcha has a little less caffeine than coffee as well, it’s a great substitute for people who are caffeine sensitive.

Matcha benefits are ample- not only does is promote a sense of wakeful relaxation whilst giving an energy boost, but it can be put into any food or beverage- this is perfect for those who aren’t tuned to the taste of matcha or green tea just yet. Matcha lattes are becoming the next biggest things and our matechagreentea family are creating some of the most delicious healthy matcha smoothies, cookies, pancakes, muffins and even cocktails!


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