Eco Tin with 20g Organic Matcha


Eco Tin Re-use and refill your tin again and again.

Protect your matcha from the heat, moisture and clumping, to have longer lasting tea.

The eco tin is not only good for the environment and your matcha but it’s stylish and compact. A statement that has everyone talking.


20g Matcha Powder

This ceremonial grade matcha is a beautiful green powder with a delicate sweetness, grassy overtones, and very light astringency. It whisks to produce a creamy froth and is ideal for a morning energy lift or a calming afternoon treat. Our Matcha is 100% First Harvest Premium Japanese Green Tea

Quality: Superior. A selection of the best leaves from the top part of the plant are being used for our ‘Superior grade’ matcha.

Use: ideal for blended drinks (matcha latte, smoothies, etc) but also recommended to drink as a pure ceremonial tea whisked in a bowl

Taste: Our ‘Superior grade’ matcha has a beautiful full green color. It has a medium to full bodied taste with slight notes of roasted nuttiness with a superior umami undertone. You will experience a rich & harmonious taste with a silky soft mouthfeel and sweet finish.

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